Prison Discount Calling Service
By Pacific Telephone

North Carolina Prison Calls 6¢ Per Minute.
Pay Only For Minutes Used!

Stop Missing Inmates’ Calls Using
Pacific Telephone Company
Call Blast Service!

With Call Blast, we can send an inmate’s
phone call to 3 different telephone numbers
(home, office, cell) at the same time.

Why Use Our Prison Telephone Service?

In plain language, to save money! When inmates use a North Carolina Prisons telephone system, unless they’re making an inexpensive local call, they’re charged outrageous long distance phone rates     per minute to complete their call.

Pacific Telephone Company®, can help inmates and their families start saving up to 60% on inmate telephone calls today! To start your savings or for more information call 866.966.8655 or visit us at

Pacific Telephone Company, A Name You Know And Trust!

Why Use Our Prison Phone Service?

In plain language, to save money! When inmates use the North Carolina system, unless they’re making an cheap local call, they’re charged outrageous long distance phone rates per minute by Global Tel and correctional facility prison telephone systems to complete their call.

The Pacific Telephone Company™ is registered with the (CAPUC) State of California Public Utilities Commission, Reg. No. #1110; the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission, Reg. No. FRN019494061, collects tariffs as required by the FCC Universal Service Fund E911 regulations, and the numbers we provide have can be configured for global outbound long distance dialing capability to call any number, anywhere in the world if desired.

Subscriber is required to prepay for all North Carolina Prison cheap phone calls. Subscriber also agrees not to use service for any unlawful or abusive purpose or in such a way that it creates damage to services’ reputation, employees, facilities, third parties or to the public in general. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to know the rules of the inmate’s facility where he/she is incarcerated. Pacific Telephone Company® is not liable if an inmate’s location changes its telephone policy, resulting in interference with the Pacific Telephone Company® Cheap Jail Calls and Cheap Prison Calls service(s). Free installation for Low Cost prison calling using an Inmate Phone service is provided on all prison calls, inmate calls and jail calls, when ordering a compatible plan for Inmate Calling and Prison Calling to Regional Jails and states Department of Corrections when initiating calls utilizing a Jail Telephone, Inmate Telephone or Prison Phone Service. All jail phone calls and prison phone calls are prepaid and have a feature offering Roll Over Unused Minutes.

By using our North Carolina Prison cheap phone calls service, you can stretch your hard earned dollars and spend longer on the phone at discount prices talking to your loved ones in prison and in county jails across America.