Alexander Correctional Institution

Correctional Institution

633 Old Landfill Road
Taylorsville, NC 28681
Fax: 828-632-1345
Custody level: Close
Occupancy: April 2004


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Alexander Correctional Institution is a 1,000 cell, close custody prison facility located in Taylorsville, NC.

The prison employs approximately 500 people including correctional officers, registered nurses, nurse extenders, mental health providers, dental, maintenance and administrative staff. The prison has a standard operating capacity of 1,000 inmates with 128 segregation cells and eight medical infirmary beds. Future expansion plans call for construction of a 252 bed minimum-security dormitory, and construction of an in-patient mental health and medical unit, construction date to be determined.

The prison operates under the management concept. Unit management is a method for managing inmates that emphasizes decentralization and delegates decision-making authority to a unit team. Inmates are assigned to one of the four units based on their work, program or control assignment.

Blue Unit houses inmates with chronic health issues, new admissions into the institution, inmates being released from segregation or control status and inmates assigned to unit specific jobs. Green Unit houses inmates assigned to the Correctional Enterprise Furniture plant and inmates assigned to institutional job and program assignments. Red Unit houses inmates assigned to the Residential mental health program, inmates with specific and segregation janitorial jobs and inmates assigned to outpatient mental health status. The Segregation unit houses inmates assigned to Administrative and Disciplinary segregation as well as inmates on Intensive and Maximum control.

In 2007, a Correction Enterprise Plant that constructs both case good and upholstered furniture began operation in the vocational space within the prison. Staff from Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) conducts an instruction program working with enterprise staff to train inmates in the manufacturing process. Instructors from CVCC also provide instruction for the inmate population for basic education, GED prep, computer application, commercial cleaning and horticulture technology.

Visitation is by appointment only.
Attorney, non-contact, infirmary, clergy and media visits will occur Monday – Thursday (8:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m., 1 – 3 p.m.). The Monday – Thursday visits must be scheduled at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the proposed visit and no greater than seven (7) days from the visit. Non-contact visits will last for one (1) hour. Attorney/media representatives must fax a letter on their appropriate letterhead stating the inmate that he/she would like to visit and the requested date and time of the visit. When approval is granted, the attorney/media representative will be notified of the time and the approximate duration of the visit.

Friday and Saturday visits will be contact visits for inmates housed on the Blue, Green and Red Units and will be consistent with the rotating schedule already in place.

January – March 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. Blue Unit
July – September Upper Red Unit
Green Unit – B Wing
1:30– 3:30 p.m. Lower Red Unit
Green Unit – B,C,D,E,F Wings
April – June 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. Lower Red Unit
Green Unit – B,C,D,E,F Wings
October – December Green Unit – B,C,D,E,F Wings
1:30 – 3:30 p.m Blue Unit
Upper Red Unit
Green Unit – a Wing

Approved visitors must contact the Visitation Appointment Officer by 5:00pm (Wednesday) each week to schedule a Friday visit and by 5:00pm (Thursday) to schedule a Saturday visit. Visitors may only schedule a Friday or Saturday visit during the week of the proposed visit. To schedule a visit, you may contact the Visitation Appointment Officer at (828)632-1379 . If the person is not in, you may leave a message on the answering machine with your name, name of the inmate and OPUS Number of the inmate which you are requesting to visit, the day/time of the requested visit and the telephone number you can be reached at. The Visitation Appointment Officer will inform you if the visit has been approved.

A valid photo identification card must be presented by anyone (16 years or older) arriving at the institution to visit with an inmate.


Alexander CI is located on Old Landfill Road off of Macedonia Church Road in Taylorsville. From Interstate 40 in Statesville, take the Taylorsville Exit. At the stop sign, take a right onto US 64 West. Go approximately 17 miles to Taylorsville. Once in Taylorsville, take a right on to the exit before the bridge and proceed up the ramp. Take a left at the stoplight (NC 16 South). Go approximately one mile and turn left onto Macedonia Church Road. Take the next right onto Old Landfill Road. Go approximately one-half mile and the prison will be located on the right.