Catawba Correctional Center

Correctional Center

1347 Prison Camp Road
Newton NC 28658
Fax: 828-466-5523
Custody level: Minimum
Occupancy: 1932


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Established in 1932, Catawba Correctional Center is a minimum security prison for adult males. Catawba was one of 61 field unit prisons renovated or built during the 1930’s to house inmates who worked building roads.

The prison’s original housing unit with two dormitories was renovated in the mid 1980’s. Ceilings were lowered, centralized heating and air circulation units were installed, and lighting was improved. Two modular dormitories were added in 1978 and replaced with a new modular in 1998. Lawmakers provided an additional 128 bed dormitory as part of the $10 million South Piedmont Consent Decree. Construction began in 1985 and was completed in 1987.

For many years, the prison has had a very active religious program. Contributions to Catawba Prison Ministries fund a chaplain for the prison. The organization continues to pursue funds to aid in construction of a Religious Services Center. The chapel project has begun with an expected finish date of Jan. 2007

Inmates housed at Catawba Correctional Center are provided transitional programs such as Male Nurturing, Cognitive Behavior Intervention, Chaplaincy Re-entry Program, Dart-Aftercare, GED tutoring and testing, and Character Education. These programs aid the inmates tremendously upon their release. NA and AA support groups are also represented. Approximately 50 inmates participate in the Work Release program at Catawba. This program allows inmates to be employed by private sector employers to begin their readjustment to the community and earn a wage that can be used to support their children and families, as well as to pay restitution.

Inmates may be assigned to a wide range of jobs, while housed at Catawba. These jobs include kitchen, janitors, unit maintenance, Department of Transportation road crews, Community Work crews, Department of Transportation litter crews. Inmates are also able to participate in a vocational program offered by Catawba Valley Community College. Catawba Valley Community College works with Catawba and Lincoln Correctional Centers to provide vocational classes in furniture making at the Iredell Furniture Plant run by Correction Enterprises.
Visitation is on Sunday’s from 11:30am to 1:30pm and 2:15pm to 4:15pm. Any inquires concerning visits should be directed to the Program Director or the Assistant Superintendent.

Inmates are encouraged to maintain a close contact with members of their families and desirable friends through visitation privileges. However, the Department of Correction policy and procedures regarding visitation will be strictly adhered to. It is the inmate’s responsibility to send blank applications to people they wish to visit with them while in prison. The inmates will not be allowed more than 18 blank forms upon their entry into prison. Additional forms should be provided as inmates want to add to their list as vacancies occur. The number of approved visitors will never be more than 18.

DIRECTIONS: Catawba Correctional Center is located south of Newton on US-321 Business. From Interstate 40, US-321 Business can be accessed easily from either exit 128 or exit 133. After turning south onto to US-321 Business in Conover, go approximately 7 miles to Prison Camp Road and turn left. The prison is about ¼ of a mile on the left.