Eastern Correctional Institution

Correctional Institution

2821 Hwy 903
Maury NC 28554
Fax: 252-747-8260
Custody level: Medium
Occupancy: 1983


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Eastern Correctional Institution is located in the town of Maury in Greene County and opened in January 1983.

Eastern is adjacent to Greene Correctional Institution and is built on land that at one time was farmed by the minimum security prisons inmates. Eastern and its sister institution, Southern Correctional Institution in Troy, opened at the same time, are of the same design and were part of the initial expansion of the prison system in the 1980s and 1990s to house the growing prisoner population.

The two-story prison sits on 38 acres surrounded by double fences. The institution has five housing units, each designed to hold 96 inmates in single cells. Each regular population housing unit is divided into three wings with 24 single cells. The segregation unit has two wings each with 24 cells totaling 48 single cells with sinks and toilets.

Inmates will be sent to Eastern based on classification reassignment, demotion in custody, administrative transfer, segregation housing and various program needs.

Eastern has always been actively involved in providing academic programs to inmates. Since 1983, Lenoir Community College has worked with prison officials to provide vocational classes in food service, horticulture and computer science. Classes in adult education and preparation for the GED tests are available. Prisoners may earn certificates, degrees and diplomas in various disciplines.

Visitation at ECI follows standard DOP visitation policy. Most inmates are in regular population and visit by visitation appointments, based on the approved visiting list. However, inmates sometimes lose their visitation privileges for a limited period of time due to rule violations.

Certain groups of inmates, such as administrative segregation, disciplinary segregation, etc. also visit by appointment only. The inmate is responsible for communicating his visiting status to his perspective visitors.
DIRECTIONS — Eastern Correctional Institution is one-half mile south of Maury on NC 903 between Greenville and Snow Hill. From Goldsboro, take highway 13 north until you enter Snow Hill. You take highway 13/258 north until you reach the intersection with highway 903 where you take a right to reach the facility.

DIRECTIONS FROM RALEIGH — Take 64 East then 264 East at Knightdale towards Greenville. Take the first Farmville exit (exit 60). Go about 4 miles and turn right on US 258. Take US 258 for 7 miles until you get to a crossroad called LIZZIE . Turn left (Hwy 123). Go 3 miles to the stop sign. This is Hwy 903. Turn right. The Prison is 1/2 mile on the right. Approximate driving time is 80-85 minutes.