Sanford Correctional Center

Correctional Institution

417 Advancement Center
Road Sanford NC 27330
Phone: 919-776-4325
Fax: 919-774-1866


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Sanford Correctional Center, in Sanford, is a minimum security prison for adult males. the prison’s maximum operating capacity is 302. There are 297 inmates assigned to jobs and 230 of these inmates leave the prison to work off site daily.

Sanford was one of 61 field unit prisons renovated or built during the late 1930s to house inmates who worked building roads. It was later used as a training center for officers and in the 1970s was converted back to a prison field unit.

The General Assembly provided two 50-bed dormitories for Sanford as part of the $28.5 million Emergency Prison Facilities Development program authorized in 1987. Lawmakers provided two additional 50-bed dormitories as part of the $87.5 million prison construction program authorized in 1993.

The prison’s original dormitory is still in use. Two dormitories opened in 1987 and two more in 1993. The four new dormitories each house 64 prisoners. the older unit houses 46.

Sanford Correctional Center is primarily a work facility. Inmates are assigned to one of the following jobs: Department of Transportation squads in Lee, Harnett and Moore counties, community work squads where a correctional officer supervises up to 10 inmates in short term manual labor for local and state agencies, Correction Enterprises Sign Recycling plant at the old Moore Correctional Center, labor contracts with local governments and work release jobs in Lee County. Sanford Correctional Center provides the inmate work force for the Office of Staff Development and Training and Pharmacy located in Apex. Future plans include providing inmates for the test kitchen at the Apex location. All other inmates work on jobs at the prison in the kitchen, or as janitors or groundskeepers. Sanford Correctional Center offers a Masonry Program through Central Carolina Community College.

Night programs include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, DART Aftercare, Yokefellow Bible study and religious services. Central Carolina Community College provide classes for adult education and preparation for GED tests.

Visitation is on a monthly rotation by the first letter of the inmate’s last name and is from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 2 – 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Our alphabet is broken up A-D, E-K, L-Q, R-Z.

–Special visits are accommodated by contacting program staff. These are approved by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent.

DIRECTIONS: Take U.S. 1 south, take the Colon Road exit and turn left. Stay on Colon Road, which will become 7th Street. The unit is located on the right near the intersection of 7th Street and Bragg Boulevard.