Southern Correctional Institution

Correctional Institution

272 Glen Road
Troy NC 27371
Fax: 910-576-2145


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Southern Correctional Institution can house up to 480 female inmates in medium or close custody and 216 male inmates in minimum custody.

The two-story prison sits on a 13.7 acre site. There are two separate buildings connected by a long corridor. The administrative building includes a gym, a dining hall, a vocational area and a medical area. The other building is composed of a school area, various staff offices, and five housing units – each of which is designed to house 96 inmates. Each housing unit is divided into three wings which have a dayroom and 32 individual cells divided into two tiers.

Southern CI opened in 1983 and was built with a similar design and opened several months following Eastern Correctional Institution in Greene County. These two facilities were the first prisons in the North Carolina Division of Prisons to operate under the unit management concept.

Southern CI originally served as a processing center for adult inmates receiving felon sentences of 20 years or less, primarily from the eastern half of North Carolina. From 1984 through 1994, the facility housed close custody youth inmates on one of the five housing units. The housing of youth inmates was discontinued in 1994 with the opening of Foothills Youth Institution. The processing center function of the facility was discontinued in 1996 with the opening of Craven Correctional Institution.

In February, 1996, the Montgomery Correctional Center, a minimum security prison operating in Troy since the 1930s, was merged with Southern Correctional Institution to form one facility. This enabled the Division of Prisons to reduce some administrative costs and provide minimum custody inmates to help perform maintenance and landscaping work at the medium/close custody portion of the Institution. Inmates from the minimum custody unit also work in the community work program where they are supervised by a correctional officer in performing short-term labor jobs for local government agencies. Inmates from the minimum facility also participate in work release jobs in the community. They also perform other duties within the facility such as in the kitchen, in maintenance, and in performing janitorial duties on the unit.

At the medium/close custody facility, inmates have traditionally performed similar duties in the kitchen, in maintenance, in janitorial assignments, in the laundry area, and in the warehouse. Some have participated in a special program called the Blanket Recovery Project who convert donated material into blankets and other items which are then donated to disaster relief efforts, to the housing authority, to the highway patrol, to public schools, and to other non-profit organizations for assisting people in need.

Montgomery Community College provides educational opportunities to the inmates housed at Southern Correctional Institution in the areas of vocational classes in food service, preparation for attaining GED certificates and an opportunity to take college-level classes in Business Administration and Computer Technology.

In October, 2004, another major change occurred at Southern Correctional Institution when the medium/close custody facility was converted into a female facility. This conversion took place due to the over-crowding which was taking place at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women (NCCIW) in Raleigh. At the present time, Southern Correctional Institution can house up to 480 inmates at the female medium/close custody facility and up to 216 inmates at the male minimum custody facility.

VISITATION: Visiting is typically permitted for inmates in the general population on Saturdays and Sundays, either during the morning or afternoons for two-hour periods. The time of these visits are determined by the housing unit on which the inmate is housed. For inmates who are being housed on segregation, visitation must be scheduled by a telephone call to the Unit Manager, the Assistant Unit Manager, or Unit Sgt. These visits are non-contact visits and must be scheduled for Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-85 to U.S. 220 to N.C. 24/27 to Troy. At Troy, take N.C. 134 north to Glen Road. The male minimum custody unit and the female medium/close custody units are located approximately 1 mile from NC 134.